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How to Duplicate New Volkswagen HU162 Key with the Alpha Pro Automatic Key Cutting Machine


The Kukai Alpha in Action!



Our Step-by-Step Guide.


The Decoding Process


Step 1: Go to the home screen.

home screen


Step 2: Click “search” and input the key name “HU162” and select key cut value “…..”. 

search screen

Reminder - Please remember to use a 1.5mm cutter to cut HU162 keys on the “S1-B” jaw. 


Step 3: Get bitting numbers for New Volkswagen HU162.

Rotate the clamp to side B.

Place the blade in the jaw and click “decode”.


bitting data


Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen. 

instructions screen


Step 5: Warnings will appear, reminding you to ensure the jaw is clear of debris.

warning screen


Step 6: After seconds, your key blade will have been decoded. Not only will it have decoded one side, but all three. 

decoded screen

The Cutting Process


Reminder - Then remove the original key and ensure the 1.5mm cutter is fitted.


Step 1: Place the key back in the jaw, and follow the guidelines on the screen.

help screen


Step 2: The Alpha key cutting machine will remind you which mm cutter to use. 

warning screen


Step 3: The quick key-cutting process. You’ll be given a live update on the progress.

live updates screen


Step 4:

key machine Alpha

cut key blade

A perfectly cut key! Elspeth, our marketing exec, cut this key easily: “I was expecting rough edges, but the key cuts are super smooth. The process was straightforward, and the on-screen prompts made the process even easier.”



Alpha automatic key-cutting machine can duplicate keys without key data in the database. This includes single standard, double standard, single external groove, double external groove, internal groove, and tubular.

We use the HU162 as an example. If you have any questions, get in touch, we’d love to help. 



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