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Autel IM508, A Closer Look

The Autel IM508 is an impressive and versatile key programming machine. Combining various functions and a host of diagnostic features, it is an asset to garages and auto locksmiths alike.  

We know a lot about key programmers, and Autel is one of the leading names on the market. So, we can help lay out what sets this device out from the others.  

Key programming functions 

The key programming functions of the Autel IM508 are its most unique offering. Not only can it read, generate, and learn keys, you, the user, can also reset or code the car's ECU and MCU, giving you complete control over all the keys for the vehicle. 

The IM508 can also reprogram IMMO functions connected to keys. Meaning even when all the old keys are lost, you can remove the immobilising mechanisms and get your customer's vehicle up and running. Additionally, you can refresh the IMMO systems, ensuring the vehicle is still protected. 

This incredible tool has built-in Wi-Fi and also offers remote key learning, meaning you can reset, generate, or relearn keys from anywhere with WIFI. However, you should keep in mind that not all functions are remote-capable. For example, you will need to be connected to the XP200 key programmer to read or write the ECU or specialised functions like reading IC cards, infrared keys, and encryption chips. 

Diagnostic Features 

Not only is this tool a powerful key programmer, but the Autel IM508 is also an impressive diagnostic tool too; providing all the basic service and diagnostic functions you'd get from a typical high-end OBD2 scan tool. 

The IM508 possesses 22 maintenance functions, such as the standard service functions like EPB, SAS, and oil light reset.  

Our Top 3 Functions: 

  • Relearning/resetting TPMS sensors. It would often be best to have a dedicated TPMS tool for this function, but it's built into the IM508. This is helpful for quickly accessing the tyre sensor ID in the ECU and performing tests and replacements. 

  • Battery Management System (BMS). You can do so much more than just reset the battery light or register an after-market replacement. With the IM508, you can also reprogram for variations in battery capacity and monitor the voltage and charge. 

  • Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPF). Using the IM508, you can manage the DPF regeneration of any compatible diesel engine, allowing you to adapt the ECU when replacing or repairing the system.

What does Cory, our product expert, have to say?  

"The IM508 is as complete as any OBD2 scanner on the market right now. Giving you access to all 10 OBD2 modes. I love how easy it is to read and clear any diagnostic trouble codes and how easy it is to switch between live data streams." 


The Autel IM508 works with over 80 different manufacturers from North America, Europe, and Asia regarding diagnostic functions. However, compatibility for the key programming functions is more limited, especially for IMMO and ECU reprogramming.  

Unfortunately, the full key programming compatibility of the IM508 isn't too clear. However, if you need info on a specific make and model, our support team are here to help.  

Software & Updates 

The IM508 is handled using an Android-based operating system. After much use, our team has found it responsive and easy to navigate.  

The device even comes with 12 months of free software updates; you can access these updates directly through the scanner, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection.  

Who is the device for?  

The Autel IM508 is a professional diagnostic tool, suitable for auto locksmiths, mechanics, body shops, and other professional garages.  

However, we would say that while it's excellent value, it is priced outside the budget range for nonprofessionals.  



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