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New year, new tools!

2023 line up of products
January can be stressful, but we're here to help you select the tools to put you on the right track for 2023!  

Right, let's jump in and see 3D Group's product tester's top picks for 2023. 

Kukai Alpha Pro 

Kukai Alpha

The Latest Key-Cutting Machine to Come to 3D Group! 

Efficiently complete jobs with the built-in 7" screen and clear step-by-step guides. If you're looking for an unrivalled database, look no further. The Kukai Alpha boasts a mighty built-in database, including thousands of key profiles and millions of key code data profiles. 

Worn keys are the bane of locksmith's lives!  

So, you can edit the key data using the built-in 7" screen to ensure you are cutting to accurate data. We know nothing will beat the keen eye of a trained locksmith.

Alpha Pro Features

We are impressed with the features built into this machine, from its protective shield to the macro control you have over the key bitting cutting. However, 3D Group's testing team are cut-throat, putting the demo machine through its paces! 

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KeyDIY KD Max 

KD max

The KD Max is a professional multi-function smart device. It works with Android operating systems with a clean, easy-to-use interface, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi module, and a 5" LCD screen.  

With a vast possibility of device functions, including: 

  • Automotive Remote Generating 

  • Garage Remote Generating/Clone 

  • Remote Clone 

  • Chip Recognition/Edition/Decoding/Clone Dedicated Chip Generating 

  • Remote Battery Leakage Detection Car Key Unlock 

  • IC/ID Card Recognition/Clone Frequency Checking 

  • Battery Voltage Detection 


Hate dealing with update files? This tool updates through WIFI, saving you time and aggro. 

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Xhorse Key Reader  


Xhorse key reader


Looking to increase accuracy and reduce probe breakage in 2023?  

You're in the right place - enter the Xhorse Key Reader!  

The Xhorse Key Reader is a professional and portable key identification device which can identify almost all car and motorcycle keys.  

Among many new exciting new features, there is one that we are thrilled to share. This new tool can read not only metal keys, but it can also read aluminium and plastic keys. 

In addition, the tool features a built-in optical system, providing users with an intuitive experience.  

Furthermore, with a smartphone, the Xhorse Key Reader provides a new working experience, allowing locksmiths to attain the key bitting codes without a key-cutting machine.


Xhorse Key Reader


Key Features: 

  • Identify Key Bitting 

  • Avoid Probe Breaking  

  • Supports Plastic & Aluminium Keys  

  • Supports APP control  

  • Bluetooth & WiFi compatible  

  • Supports All Key Cutting Machines 

  • 1 Year Warranty 

  • Free Upgrades  

  • Free Technical Support 

Accurate Key Bitting Identification  

The optical identification system of the new Xhorse key reader can identify key data accurately and effectively within seconds.  

In addition, the support APP allows users to attain key-bitting data without needing a key-cutting machine.  

  • Quick Identification  

  • Accurate Results  

  • Reliable Performance 

No More Probe Breakage! 

Do you struggle with your probes breaking? We know this can be caused by daily dirt, grime, or even grease. However, you no longer have to worry about this because you can acquire bitting data without using a key-cutting machine.  

Are You Connected? 

The Xhorse Key Reader is both Bluetooth and WiFi-compatible. You can connect your key reader to the Xhorse APP or chosen key cutting machine (with a screen) such as your Xhorse Condor, Dolphin or Panda.  


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Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro 

Key Tool Max Pro

The brand-new Key Tool Max Pro from Xhorse is complete with all the existing Key Tool Max features but with much more! 

Level up your programming game with this tool that combines the functions of Key Tool Max and the Mini OBD Tool.  

Designed with you in mind every step of the way!  


Key Tool Max Pro Functions

This device has all the staple features of Xhorse's excellent VVDI Key Tool range, including transponder cloning & generation, RF testing and remote renewal.  

Xhorse developed the next generation of transponder programming, especially for auto locksmiths. This latest version features an HD LCD screen, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. For more features, see below! 

Key Tool Max Pro Functions: 


  • Immobiliser programming 

  • Service reset 

  • Generate remote 

  • Clone remote 

  • Generate transponder 

  • Copy transponder 

  • Generate special function 

  • Unlock/Renew remote 

  • Identity/Copy ID card 

  • Generate/Copy garage remote 

  • Detect frequency 

  • Detect remote battery/voltage 


Key Tool Max Pro Spec


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Kukai Beta 

Kukai Beta

Go into 2023 with the mobile key-cutting machine of your dreams.  

Kukai has developed one of the best mobile machines we've ever seen! 

Efficiently complete jobs with this beauty of a portable key-cutting machine. Looking for a perfect addition to your key-cutting equipment? Look no further! The Kukai Beta boasts a mighty built-in database and an excellent app that makes this machine a dream come true.  

Nothing quite annoys auto locksmiths as much as worn keys. However, with the Beta machine and its accompanying app, you can take a picture of a key and determine the bitting data within minutes.  

Of course, we know nothing will beat the keen eye of a trained locksmith, so you can edit the key data within the app to ensure you are cutting to accurate data.  

We are impressed with the features built into this machine, and we're sure you will be too!  

Features of the Beta Key-Cutting Machine 


  • Only 14kg can be carried by one hand.  

  • Hidden handle for easy transportation.  

  • LED lights in the cutting area for increased visibility.  

  • Optional 12V car cigarette power cord, transforming your machine into a portable device.  

  • Integrated toolbox to store decoders, cutters, calibration blocks, key blanks, etc.  

  • High-power brushless DC motor for powerful cutting, less noise and a longer lifespan.

Kukai Beta Spec


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