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The Best Tibbe Picks

Tibbe lock picks header image
A Breakdown of the Best Tibbe Picks 

This article will explore 'The three best Tibbe picks' on the market. But first, let's look at what a Tibbe lock is and how it works.  

What Is a Ford Tibbe Lock? 

If you have been in the game a long time, you will know all about Tibbe locks! They have been used on Ford models and some Jaguars for over two decades. The lock comprises six rotary disks that must be correctly positioned, allowing a sidebar to slot into position. Only when all six disks are correctly rotated can the sidebar be dropped into place, allowing the lock to be freely opened. 

The rotary disks are driven into place by a matching key, known as a Tibbe key. 

How Do Ford Tibbe Keys Work?  

The Ford Tibbe key is made of a solid metal blade, cylindrical in shape and has six notable notches cut into the tip. The unique notches bear the profile of the key. But what makes Tibbe keys unique? Rather than traditional tumbler keys, the cuts do not consist of hills and valleys. Instead, they consist of a combination of different inclined surfaces.  

These inclined surfaces have four possible depths, and with up to six positions available, that's a whole lot of possible combinations.  

The Top 3 Ford Tibbe picks! 

A Tibbe lock pick is a device used to open a Tibbe lock when there isn't a key available to do so. Turned up to an all keys lost job? This is the perfect time to use a Tibbe pick.  

The Tibbe lock picks work by manipulating the lock disks into position by simulating a correctly cut key.  

Our top 3 Tibbe lock picks: 

Let's get into what makes these tools unique and perfect for different uses.  

Mr Li Tibbe Pick 

Nicknamed the 'Caterpillar pick' because of its unusual appearance, this strange-looking tool has what appears to be multiple legs. These "legs" are actually the levers that you must individually rotate to manipulate the lock's disks into place—simulating the effect of a key.  

There will always be at least one 'number four' disk that needs to be located and used to turn the lock. Any positions containing a number four disk will be firm and offer no movement in the lever.  

When picking the lock, firm pressure should be applied to one of the number four positions in the lock's direction, essentially acting as a tension tool. Once all other positions have been successfully picked, the lock with be ready to open. The other positional levers must then be turned and clicked into place until you can feel a more significant movement. Once the pick has opened the lock, you can gauge the lever positions to obtain the cut depths for making a key. 

The pick is priced well at around £50 and provides a quick and effective method for opening Ford vehicles fitted with Tibbe locks.  

The individual tips of the Mr Li pick are silver solder welded, ensuring the tool stands the test of time. However, there are times that more difficult Ford Transit locks can challenge the Mr Li version; this can be because it's not always robust enough to receive the pressure needed to open these challenging locks.  

Looking for an allrounder? The Mr Li Tibbe pick is excellent for opening and decoding Tibbe locks. However, if you are looking for a pick that works with all Jaguar locks, we suggest looking at other options, as it only has six positional levers, which will not work on the variety of Jaguar locks out there. However, we do have a great alternative for Jaguars 

Mr Li Tibbe lock pick

Souber Pick 

By far, the least advanced of the three tools we're looking at today is the Souber Tibbe pick.  

This easy-to-use pick is designed to open locks found on most Ford vehicles quickly. However, whilst it provides an easy method of lock picking, it cannot decode the lock to supply the essential information to cut a key. 

The Souber pick is the lowest-priced of the three picks, and this is reflected in its rudimentary design, which resembles a Tibbe key. Unfortunately, the tool will only open locks in one direction, meaning two picks are required, one for clockwise and another for anticlockwise.  

Looking to pick ignition barrels? We would totally recommend this tool.  

Souber Tibbe lock pick

Safe Ventures Pick 

We saved the best till last.  

In our opinion, the Safe Ventures Tibbe pick is by far the optimum tool available for opening and decoding Ford locks. Furthermore, the addition of the rod that runs through the centre allows you to use this tool on new models.  

Not to forget, this tool is also capable of working on eight disk Jaguar locks. 

We bet you've mastered picking Ford locks and know that there's a unique technique for each model. But by using the Safe Ventures pick, you'll be opening Fords in a matter of minutes. Perfect for when you've got one of those customers who love to watch! 

The pick is well-manufactured and offers accurate decoding. We know it's not the cheapest lock pick on the market; however, not to worry. You can make this money back in no time at all.  

Safe ventures Tibbe lock pick

Final Thoughts  

Mr Li's pick is well built and is easy to operate with its six levers-not quite strong enough to open all locks but is fantastic at decoding a wide variety of locks. 

The Souber Tibbe pick is a valuable tool for picking ignition locks; however, it's not best suited for daily picking of door locks. Additionally, it cannot decode open locks and only pick the lock open. 

The Safe Ventures Tibbe pick makes opening Fords and Jaguars a simple task, ensuring you are confident at every job you attend! 


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