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Why do 3D Group screen new accounts?

Firstly, let's answer why we screen our new customers.  

Our sales team have considered all aspects of the account opening process and have highlighted areas where they think thorough screening is necessary.  

Unanimously the sales team raised attention to preventing the security products we sell from ending up in the hands of people with malintent. For example, without this screening process, thieves could potentially get their hands-on car key programming equipment and steal vehicles. This is also the case for the immobiliser codes, which locksmiths use to program keys, and not to mention key numbers used to cut new key blades.  

We believe in protecting the industry wherever possible; we use the information you supply to check whether we supply a genuine business and not an individual that might negatively impact the industry.  

Unfortunately, there are many cases of new 'auto locksmiths' coming on to the scene offering substandard cheap services. Supplying to individuals that are not trained could mean that poor services are provided to the end-user; in the long run, damaging the reputation of legitimate auto locksmiths. On the other hand, by guaranteeing that the companies we supply are interested in providing good quality services, we can improve the industry.  

By no means are 3D Group trying to exclude new additions to the auto locksmith industry, although we suggest that people looking to work in the sector enrol in some form of training.  

The screening questions? 

When we take new customers through the onboarding process, we will send an email that asks questions to the effect of: are you currently an automotive locksmith and for how long? If not, how do you plan on entering the industry? 

We will also ask for your company details, we will do a little background research on your website and/or your social media platform, where you advertise.  

Our onboarding team also like to get to know your product usage too, they will be interested in the types of products you currently use. 

How do we use this information?  

We use the answers to these questions to ascertain whether you are a legitimate business looking to provide honest, high-quality services to the public. 


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