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AUTEL UPDATE- AutelĀ and their IMMO IV, IMMO IV+MQB servers

Have you been following the issues surrounding Autel and their MQB servers?  

If not, then you might not be aware that the MQB servers have not been working for a while, causing interruption to the programming of any keys that use IMMO IV, IMMO IV+MQB platforms.  

Here at 3D Group, we are determined to deliver the best service possible to our customers and improve the industry's overall quality. With this in mind, we set upon the task to find a solution to the problem, and we have done just that.  

After setting out to find a solution, we can now confirm that it is possible to complete VW key programming by acquiring the CS bytes from Autel through your local distributor. We believe this to be the best solution at the moment; however, we are keeping our ears close to the ground for new options that may arise.  

Autel Europe are not currently set-up to provide this service to its distributor network; however, with it being the holiday season in Italy (the month of August is taken off work), this is unlikely to change in the near future. We are continuing to discuss this matter with Autel in an effort to make the service as efficient as possible for all IM users, and we will inform you of any changes as they happen.  

Currently, we have proposed a solution outside of Europe, as Autel China can provide 3D Group with the CS bytes; there are apparent limitations to this, such as the clear time zone restrictions. 

Will this service be free?

3D Group will provide this service free of charge to our customers who have purchased the IM608/508 or a year update for their machine through us. We will do so using our online code retrieval system, where you will be able to enter the vehicle registration and your machine's serial number to request the CS bytes for that particular vehicle. We will then return the relevant security information as quickly as possible. 

Regrettably, we cannot guarantee how long this will take at this moment in time, as this is something new to us, and we will need to test the reliability of this procedure. Therefore, we kindly ask for your patience when waiting for your codes to be returned to you.  As previously mentioned, there are obvious hurdles to using Autel in China; we recommend that you try to complete these jobs in the morning as we believe that this will result in a faster turnaround.  

A guide on the new procedure

We have created a guide that shows each step of the new procedure; download it here:


Use our code retrieval service to submit your request. This code service is free if you have purchased either an IM508 or IM608 tool or an update for either of these machines from us. 

All those customers who did not buy through us may be allowed access to our service but will be required to pass our account activation security and will be required to purchase updates for their tool through us. You will be charged an administration fee of £5 for this service up until the point that you purchase either a tool or software update from us. 

We thank you for your patience and look forward to improving this process in the future. 


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