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8 Tips to Maintain Your Kukai Key-Cutting Machine


A key-cutting machine is one of the tools necessary for the locksmith! 

Therefore, maintaining it ensures you can run your business smoothly. So, if you're looking for a guide on maintaining your key-cutting machine, keep reading! 

No matter the brand of the key-cutting machine, the principles and methods of maintenance are similar, meaning you can apply this how-to guide to many makes and models.

Check Screws

To ensure safe and reliable key-cutting, you should check the fastening parts of the key-cutting machine often and secure the screws and nuts, confirming they are not loose.


Keep Machine Clean 

To extend the service life and keep the accuracy of the key-cutting machine, you should always clean up during and after using the key-cutting machine. For example, you should remove the chippings from the clamp after processing every key duplication to ensure the smooth running of the tracer and cutters. This will ensure accurate results! Such as emptying the crumb tray after every cut is also a good practice. 


Use Lubricating Oil

By using lubricating oil, you can guarantee that all rotating and sliding parts are kept performing well.


Check Cutter Regularly

Frequently check the cutter, especially the four cutting edges. As soon as you notice any faults, you should replace the cutter. This will ensure accurate key-cutting results. 


Replace Carbon Brush

Typically, key-cutting machines use a 220V/110V DC motor and a carbon brush. When the device operates for over 200 hours, it's time to check for damage and wear. If you see the carbon brush is only 3mm in length, you should replace it with a new one.


Driving Belt Maintenance

The machine's driving belt can loosen over time. When this happens, there's a quick tip to help. Here's how, open the top cover and loosen the screws, allowing you to move the motor to the belt's elastic position. To finish, you should tighten the screws.


Run Monthly Checks

3D Group recommends you conduct a comprehensive check every month. In addition, you should check the key machine performance status and recalibrate the clamps.


Replace Worn Parts

Remember to contact us so that we can supply you with genuine parts. For example, if your cutter is broken, you would want to avoid replacing it with a non-genuine part, which could lead to faulty machinery. 

You can be sure it will match the axis and the whole machine by picking genuine parts.


Right, there you have it, eight tips to ensure your key-cutting machine stays in tip-top shape! 


Safety Notice: When doing maintenance and repair work for the machine, you must unplug the power supply. Eye protection is also highly recommended. Internal maintenance should be conducted by a professional.


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