AuroDiag are here and they are breaking the stigma around Chinese made machines. The IM100 and IM600 are two of the most advanced and high-tech key programming and diagnostic machines on the market and are rapidly becoming truly essential tools for auto-locksmiths everywhere. Aurodiag have been building a fantastic reputation around the world with their high quality, hard wearing and easy to use machines, they are now bringing the IM100 and IM600 to the UK and we are proud to be the official distributor for these amazing machines.


What makes Aurodiag different


Forward thinking innovations like the Smart Mode’ functions that provides guided and automated key learning.


Dedicated to providing top quality products that can withstand the working environment.


Both machines are all in one solutions for key programming and diagnostics.

The Aurodiag Range

The IM100 is designed to be as easy to use as possible and actually includes a built in ‘Smart Mode’ that provides guided and automated key learning to make the process exceptionally simple. This smart mode is very handy for inexperienced locksmiths or people new to the machine. The IM100 has fully fledged professional level immobiliser and key programming capabilities that allow this machine to compete with any other machine in its price range.

The IM600 is the jewel in the crown of Aurodiag’s range and is designed to be a true all in one solution that delivers a high tech and advanced set of features to technicians. It has all the benefits of the IM100 plus an awful lot more. This machine is built around a 10.1 inch touch screen tablet with Bluetooth capability, an 8 megapixel camera and a large, fast 64GB solid state hard drive. The hardwearing tablet is also designed to be resistant to grease and water and comes in an incredibly practical and robust carrying case to help you keep your kit organised and safe. The case is designed to also hold the U400 programmer which is a very dependable key and chip programming tool that is compatible with most aftermarket keys/key fobs as well as MCU and EEPROM chips. The case also holds the OtoFlash J2534 pass-thru programming device which also has internal Bluetooth VCI. These additional devices make the IM600 one of the most comprehensive immobiliser and key programming tools available today.


[AS1] Auro OtoSys IM600/Autel IM608 One Year Unlimited Update Fee
[AS2] Auro OtoSys IM100/Autel IM508 One Year Unlimited Update Fee