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Why Has 3D Group Had A Facelift?


3D Group has been evolving for many years; we are not afraid of changing things up to keep up to date! With that in mind, we have upgraded the 3D Group site with fresh new features. 

The in-house tech team has received feedback from our customers since the last website update and turned it into updated and additional features.

The update aims to provide our customers with a smooth online experience that is easy to use no matter where you are, whether you are at your base or on the go! In addition, our product catalogue will be even easier to navigate, with added clarification surrounding OEM and aftermarket products. 

Have you ever had an idea of what you need but are unsure how to spell or get the wording slightly wrong? Our updates will help with this; our AI search can detect patterns, common search queries and help you get the result you are looking for. 

There's been lots of talk in the tech office about their favourite update or feature! We think it might be a tie between the bulk buy feature and our improved checkout. Both features save the customer time and most definitely improve the time it takes to place an order. So many discussions have surrounded the best new feature, and we can't seem to decide, so when everyone has had a chance to see it for themselves, we'd love to get feedback!

We know that our website is more than a place to buy products; we have always strived to be a resource for new and experienced auto locksmiths alike; by creating an online environment where you can come for answers, product suggestions and industry news.  

With the addition of the blog section, 3D Group aims to create an industry-leading resource, providing a comprehensive knowledge base for auto locksmiths everywhere.

What separates our website from others out there?

3D Group has an in-house tech team; we have a designer, web developer and marketing exec. The dedicated team aims to supply 3D Group's customers with the best online experience, ranging from an easy-to-use website, clear graphics and images, to displaying the content you will be interested in seeing. 

We value our customers; we spend the time researching new products, how you like to purchase them and how the process can be made more accessible for you. As our tech team is in-house, there is a direct communication channel between all sections of 3D Group, such as the sales team, order processing team and our devoted quality control team. This aids 3D Group greatly in delivering the best website and promotions for you!

Why is having an in-house tech team so great? They can react to feedback and resolve issues quickly. No need to contact a third party company; our team can respond fast!

We would love to introduce our dedicated tech team; keep an eye out on our blog to see upcoming meet the team articles!


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