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Xhorse thrives in product innovation and advancement; they constantly strive to create better products that genuinely help auto locksmiths daily. Xhorse uses the latest technology available to design and manufacture products that will be innovative to the market. The company-wide range of products includes key cutting machines, key programming tools, remote testers, remote keys and immobiliser programmers.

Image of XHorse tool.


What is different about XHorse?


XHorse produce a wide array of tools from key cutting machines to key programmers.


Always known for being at the forefront of technology in the market.


Producing innovative tools at fair prices without sacrificing quality.

The XHorse Range

TThe company takes space-saving seriously as they know that auto locksmiths often work from vans or small workshops, and that’s why they created the XC-009 key cutting machine. Designed to be compact and portable while still of the best quality, the XC-009 has an exceptional feature; it is battery powered and can cut up to 100 keys in a single charge, making the machine perfect for mobile locksmiths.

XHorse are especially well known for their EEPROM tools, making the reading of EEPROMs much easier than with most tools. XHorse is developing a large amount of trust within the industry and will continue to innovate as they grow.

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