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Xhorse Key Tool Max

The Xhorse Key Tool Max is the next generation of transponder programmer which has been developed specifically for auto locksmiths. The latest version features a HD LCD screen, Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity allowing the user to interact with a variety of other Xhorse products, including the Dolphin XP-005 (XHM7) and the soon-to-be-released Xhorse Mini OBD Tool (XHH13). Functions: •Generate remotes and smart keys •Copy remotes •Program immo and transponders •Renew remotes •Recognise and copy access cards •Generate and copy garage remotes •Frequency detection •Connect to other Xhorse devices Features: •3375mAh battery capacity •Upto 6 hours battery life •Upto 5 days standby time •1500mAh recharging current •Brightness upto 400nits •1280x720p screen resolution •800W camera resolution

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