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A Leader in Manufacturing Keys & Key Cutting Machines


Set up by Alejandro Altuna in 1942, starting as a small metal polishing workshop in the town of Mondragón in the Basque region of Spain. Shortly after the company’s inception, the business moved into key manufacturing as this was a flourishing sector in the town. Over the next 20 years, a new generation of the Altuna family drove the company forward through commitment, development and investment, which saw the company grow significantly and become the sector leader in Spain by the 1960s.

Over the last half a century, the company has strategically opened up markets and bases across the globe like North and South America, India and across all of Europe. This growth and development have allowed JMA and the Altuna Group to become the largest producer of keys in Europe and a benchmark worldwide for quality.


What makes JMA different?


Well known around the world for its build and performance quality.

Wide Range

JMA provides machinery and keys at every price point so has a very wide range of products.


JMA is a leader in the industry and stays that way by crafting innovative products.

The JMA Range

JMA is also known for their excellent range of key-cutting machinery that caters to all price points. From more simple machines like the hardwearing and robust Titan Master copy cylinder key cutting machine up to the top of the line and highly advanced Capri that is designed to copy laser and dimple keys. The Capri comes with a recently developed and patented clamp that allows easy cutting of dimple, inclines dimple, tubular and fichet keys. JMA also produce one of the largest ranges of keys on the market and has been trusted for years by auto locksmiths because of their high quality and robust construction.

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