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Live Technicians that Complete Work Remotely


OSCA stands for Offboard Software Communication Assistant, and this assistant is genuinely revolutionary for auto locksmiths across the country. OSCA is designed to take the hassle out of many programming and diagnostic jobs, allowing users to quickly complete and move on to the next job saving a lot of time and money each time.

The extraordinary part of OSCA is its simplicity and ease of use; the end user only needs to plug in the cable, select the vehicle on your Android tablet, and then be connected to a highly trained and experienced technician who will complete the work for you.

Our team have completed many ad hoc tasks, such as tow bar programming, BSI remote change configurations, & electronic steering lock programming. OSCA can also help if you are frustrated with waiting for PIN codes to come back from the dealer, as it can now pull many PIN codes directly via the OBD. OSCA can also help you find and diagnose faults.


What makes OSCA different?


One of the only tools where the work is done for you by a highly trained technician

All in One

Simple to use and with no add-on's or extra equipment to buy

Wide Range

Over 10,000 applications and that is being added to and updated on a daily basis

OSCA 2.0

OSCA is a low-cost option for auto locksmiths as there are no add-ons or updates to buy, and you can now use OSCA on a subscription or non-subscription basis, giving you great flexibility but access to all of the features of OSCA. The subscription option also discounts every job completed, so you can save even more money if you use OSCA regularly.

OSCA has been created, so you don’t need to keep buying expensive tools and equipment for your business; all you need is the OSCA cable and an OSCA-compatible Android tablet. With the Diamond package, you also get a Samsung Galaxy TAB 5 to use with the cable and a shock-resistant case to help keep the tablet in excellent condition.

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