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High Tech Programming Tools for Industry Professionals


Lyubomir Karaivanov founded Scorpio-LK in 1991 in Sopot, Bulgaria. For the last fifteen years, they have been developing professional tools for people working in automotive maintenance and repair. Scorpio-LK has grown to become one of the most respected developers in the market, and that respect grows with every new product release. 

Having now expanded into a company whose products are distributed and used across Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, Scorpio continues to innovate and produce high-level products.


What makes Scorpio-LK different?


Innovative products that are constantly being updated to keep them at the forefront.


Known for over 20 years for their high quality software and hardware.

Wide Range

Three tools that allow you to work with a huge range of vehicles from around the world.

The Scorpio Range

Scorpio-LK focuses on three core products that together are a match for anything else on the market. Tango is a next-generation transponder programmer developed specifically for Auto-locksmiths. The Barracuda Programmer is a recently developed platform designed to complement the Tango Programmer and can reset and renew HITAG-based Keys. Last but not least of the trio is the Orange-5 programmer, a professional tool that has been used and trusted by locksmiths for years; reliable, powerful and with the unique feature of having its inbuilt macro-language for writing down protocols.

Scorpio has crafted three high-tech and advanced programming tools that will be essential for years to come.

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