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Smart Programming Crafted in the UK


KeyProgrammers developed the TrueCode systems that help keep things simple and reliable for auto locksmiths. Designed to be plugged in and work the first time, every time, giving users peace of mind and reassurance when working in the field.

The TrueCode Smart Programmer is one of the latest systems from KeyProgrammers and is bringing convenience and reliability to the market.

This system is known industry-wide as a reliable solution for many of the challenges auto-locksmiths face daily. With the new upgrade to the TrueCode Smart, they are looking to increase the brand's reputation further and make it even easier to use and buy the required software.


What makes KeyProgrammers different?

Wide Range

A wide range of software is available to buy for vehicles from all over the world.


KeyProgrammers are always working to craft new software for their TrueCode system.


KeyProgrammers and TrueCode has been a recognisable brands at the top of the industry for a number of years.

The TrueCode Range

With the TrueCode Smart, you can buy software whenever you need it; you are not locked into a contract and do not need to pay for tokens or credits. Instead, you just pay for the software you need when you need it, saving you time and money. This flexibility makes the product even more desirable, especially as a backup to your main tools. The wide variety of software and the system's reliability also makes Truecode a great choice as your main machine, as that level of reliability matters when you are out working on vehicles for customers.

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