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Meet the Pluto JLR engineering tool

Posted 23rd November 2023 Read time: 4 Minutes Product Reviews
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Having the right tools and equipment is essential. Introducing the Pluto JLR Engineering Tool, designed to cater to Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles manufactured between 2017 and 2023. It is an all-in-one solution that offers a comprehensive package of features. We're sure the Pluto tool will fill the gaps you may be missing in your other tools.

Who is the Pluto JLR engineering tool for?

The Pluto Jaguar and Land Rover Engineering tool has been designed with you in mind. Whether you're an auto locksmith, advanced diagnostic technician, body shop technician, or garage owner. Providing you with a range of advanced features and capabilities that enable you to perform complex tasks and repairs with greater precision and efficiency.

Who is Pluto for?
Who is Pluto for?

Powerful diagnostic and programming capabilities

The Pluto JLR Engineering tool helps auto locksmiths generate new keys and program them to the vehicle's immobiliser system. Advanced diagnostic technicians can diagnose, and repair complex issues related to the immobiliser, advanced coding, CCF modification, and other systems.

Body shops can also benefit from its ability to repair body control modules, airbag systems, and other components.

Similarly, garages can use the Pluto tool to perform a wide range of tasks related to the maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Features of the Pluto JLR engineering tool

The Pluto JLR engineering tool is equipped with a range of advanced features, making it a versatile and reliable diagnostic tool.

With this tool, you can perform advanced diagnostics to identify and troubleshoot complex issues with your vehicle's systems and modules. Additionally, the tool allows you to program modules, retrofit coding, and perform lost and spare key programming.

But, that’s not all. With the Pluto JLR tool, you can code all modules in your vehicle. This ensures that every component is optimised to deliver the desired outcome. Moreover, the tool enables online flashing, individual flashing, and ECU updates. With Pluto JLR, you can flash each module independently. Allowing you to manually update the required software version.

Pluto JLR also comes equipped with vehicle services that offer a variety of functions. Including the ability to read and erase DTC, read vehicle info (typology), key learning in just one minute (a unique feature of Pluto), immobiliser & ECU reset, replace KVM & BCM, and CCF change and VIN writing. This means you can perform a wide range of tasks on your Land Rover or Jaguar vehicle quickly and easily.

Plus, you can use the tool to code second-hand parts, which saves you the cost of buying new parts for the vehicle.

Features of the Pluto JLR tool
Features of the Pluto JLR tool

Reviews of the Pluto JLR engineering tool

"Pluto and its Developers have a powerful tool here.
We operate a busy Automotive Locksmith Business in the south and
Part of our service and contracts with various customers require us to be able to supply
keys for all Vehicles (Most of these have no keys)

We have most areas covered with numerous tools; however, recently, we have been having
issues with 2018 and newer JLR Vehicles. We do have other tools, including AVDI for JLR; however, this has let us down on some occasions, and I'm not a fan of emulators for PEPS/UWB Vehicles.

Cory at 3D Group informed me about this product. Dave Lovell kindly gave me a demo at 3D Group HQ.
I was very impressed with what I saw. So, I immediately purchased it there and then.
We had a 2021 Range Rover L494 in progress that had been Programmed with AVDI but failed to
Crank. It shut itself down on every attempt. All tools failed. The following day, I returned to the vehicle
With Pluto, I had it running in less than 15 Minutes.

We have also covered a couple of 2021 I-Paces and 2022 Range Rover Evoques. All successful.

Great Tool - Great Support - Certainly Recommend it."

Matt - Autokeys

"We recently purchased Pluto after seeing a live demo at MLA in Telford, UK, in October. We were invited in to watch and then given an opportunity to use it ourselves on a Jaguar I Pace simulation of all keys lost.

Needless to say, we were impressed. We purchased there and then at the 3D stand on show day.

Within a day or so of purchase, I was added to the support network on WhatsApp. This has become an extremely large asset to owning Pluto as the knowledge base is fast and very friendly, with hints and tips being shared each day by the users.

Since purchase, we have done 5 keys 4 Peps, and 1 ps 3 with locked KVMs.

The process with Pluto is extremely fast and user-friendly. We had 2 Velar with locked BCM, which created an initial issue; however, with a fast response from Dave and Moe with direct connection to support in China, new files and solutions were written into the vehicles, and both were completed within 30 minutes of interaction with the technicians.

Other completed tasks have been the activation of Apple Play on an Evoque and the setting of media screen graphics, all extracted quickly...I fail to see how this tool cannot make you money.

Overall, this tool has given us 100% performance with an extremely helpful support network, and the tool has just about paid for itself outright with the jobs we have completed.

I watched Pluto for over a year and nearly pushed the button on purchase many times, but having seen it in action, I honestly honestly wish we had purchased it sooner.

Keep up the good work."

Chris Ritchie MD
Ultimate Auto Locksmiths

Highlights of the Pluto JLR engineering tool

The Pluto JLR engineering tool offers several impressive features that are worth highlighting. The tool enables key programming in only 7 minutes, a significant time saver. Additionally, it provides advanced coding and programming capabilities. Which is great for complex jobs that traditional TOPIX tools may fail on. The most recent update allows you to unlock the BCM. No other tool on the market can complete this task.

One of the standout benefits of this tool is the UK support network that comes with it. This means that users can rely on local support and help whenever needed. When you buy Pluto JLR, you will receive a 12-month subscription. Ensuring you have access to all the tool's benefits for an extended period.

Stay up to date with the latest technology and industry standards, with Pluto's regular updates.

Highlights of the Pluto JLR tool
Highlights of the Pluto JLR tool


The Pluto JLR engineering tool is an excellent choice for those in need of key programming, advanced coding and CCF configurations.

Its fast-programming capabilities, ability to handle complex jobs that traditional tools cannot manage, and reliable support network make it a valuable investment for you and your business.


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