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The advantages of purchasing from 3D Group


We value quality.

When purchasing from 3D Group, you can expect that your order has been through the strictest quality control processes. As far as we know, we could be the only distributor in the UK with a dedicated quality control team.

The team has evolved and grown to keep up to date with the ever-changing market; new products are developed and made available to the market so often that it would be impossible to maintain a high level of standards across the industry without quality testing. We take extensive measures to guarantee quality products for you; not only do we order samples from more than one supplier, we then pick only the best, building a relationship with our suppliers to innovate and improve. 

3D Group employs three quality control technicians with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the auto locksmith industry. With plans to move to larger premises, the team is set to expand even further to aid in the ever-expanding variety of products that need testing. 

What makes our website so easy to use?

The tech team have spent time listening to your concerns and desires; they have adapted the 3D Group website to make it easy for you to purchase the items you need in the most efficient way possible. They have included features such as transparent and clear product listings, allowing you to make the best decision. They’ll be no more guessing whether you are buying an after-market, OEM, Genuine / Logo No Logo products. 

We have conducted many hours of market research, we know what other suppliers are offering, and we know we have the most detailed site in the industry. Thus, ensuring our customers find it quick and easy to find new products or repeat purchases. 


Our customer service is unrivalled.

We have an active customer service and sales team that are at hand to help you! You can contact our team; we have an easy to use SMS text service and a dedicated sales phone line. You can also contact our team on Facebook and newly our Live Chat option on the website.
We aim to provide unequalled customer service, allowing you to focus on the job at hand rather than worrying about the processing of your order.


We adapt our stock to suit our customers’ needs.

We keep up to date with growing market trends; we have acknowledged that the after-market sector is still growing; this has meant adding new lines to this section. 3D Group’s primary focus has always been on OEM products; however, we have seen a considerable rise in the popularity of no-logo products. Our purchasing team endeavours to track these needs and accommodate the needs of automotive locksmiths just like you.  

We know that auto locksmiths sometimes prefer working with specific brands. This is why we stock a growing variety of brands, including Silca, JMA, Keyline and GTL. As we have no brand loyalty, you can trust that you will continue to purchase the brands you prefer working with. 

Our delivery options.

We offer different delivery options to suit your needs; you can find all information on the delivery section of our website. 
We aim to provide the best service possible for you, taking this is to mind. Therefore, we will ship all orders on the same day if you place your order before 4 pm. 


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