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Why Are Quality Products Essential For Auto Locksmiths? 


You're reading this because you are an auto locksmith, or maybe you offer auto locksmith services in your garage. That's great; here at 3D Group, we specialise in supplying people just like you the quality products they need to meet their customers' demands. We have been doing this for over 15 years and, along the way, have fine-tuned the products and services we provide. We have put an importance on high-quality products that will ensure not only your satisfaction but that of your customers too. 

We have worked with our suppliers to ensure that our products meet the high level of standards our customers have come to expect. 

Factors You Should Consider When Buying Your Supplies. 

  • Longevity – how long the product performs its function
  • Needs Fulfillment – whether or not the product fulfils a specific need or solves a distinct problem for the customer
  • Cost vs Need – how much the product costs compared with how much the client wants or needs it
  • Security – the safety level of the product
  • Usability – the ease of use associated with the product

We could talk about quality all day long, and if that's something you're interested in, then we suggest you read our quality control article, which can be found May/June 2021 edition of The Locksmith. Our QC article goes into depth surrounding our quality control processes. 

Why Prioritise Quality?

Have you ever turned up to a job and realised that the products you bought weren't fit for use? We have heard many stories of this happening across the industry, and it's one of our driving forces. 3D Group has worked hard to build trust with our customers and continuously develop that trust. 
3D Group has taken the feedback we receive and turned it into a checklist for our QC team; we now know that auto locksmiths will turn up and carry out various jobs with peace of mind. 
There will be no more turning up to jobs unable to fulfil the end-users expectations; we understand how damaging this is. Your reputation is dependent on customer feedback and reviews.

Over the years, the auto locksmith industry has become saturated with 'handymen' that want to try their hand at auto locksmith services'; this has meant a dilution in the industry standard. By putting quality first, you are setting yourself apart from these people. 

Below are some areas to consider: 


In niche-specific industries, making your business stand out for quality is paramount. Many businesses will try to offer products and services at a lower price. Still, they will soon realise that they are at a disadvantage because the low-quality standards of certain products may equate to repurchasing or loss of business. 

Business Reputation

Quality and your company's reputation are more closely linked than many businesses realise. When your products don't match the standard of quality promised, it is almost guaranteed that people will hear about it. With the evolution of social media, your services have never been so readily spoken about online. 

Customer Loyalty

Customers always come back when a product is good, even if the price is higher than some competitors. A quality product creates unshakeable customer loyalty that generates more business. When customers find a service they trust, they will return, make repeat purchases, and recommend the product or service to others.

What Can We Take From The Points Above? 

Selling quality products is vital for your business because it builds trust with the end-user. It can fuel word of mouth and social media recommendations; this is great for you! Word of mouth can lead to unpaid advertisements for your services, resulting in fewer customer complaints and returns. 

Because people care about aesthetics, they notice every detail of the product, so good quality products will sway them when choosing an auto locksmith. 

Because 3D Group's products are high quality, you are less likely to return unusable products, causing not only a delay for you but a delay for your end-user. Therefore, buying quality products will save you time and money in the long run. 

Quality Outweighs Cost

You might be thinking, "but I can get X cheaper somewhere else because of the saturated market". However, these mass-produced products might come from abroad, where the QC standards aren't as high. They could be made from inferior materials and will only last for a couple of weeks and months, or worse, just days.

Many manufacturers supply similar products; however, it can be challenging to find products that pass QC and are acceptable for the end-user. 

3D Group has a dedicated internal quality control team that implements QC procedures on stock purchased from outside the EU and inside, ensuring quality products are delivered to you and your customers. 

Your goal is to have a satisfied end-user who will return and recommend you to their peers. Even though the seller defines the quality, it is judged by the buyer. Consequently, it is crucial to sell the value than the price.


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