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Posted 31st March 2022 Read time: 4 mins Blog Posts

Well, where to start?

The past three years have been turbulent for all of us due to the lingering effects of Covid-19, so most of our 3D Group social events have been rescheduled!

That all ended in March 2022! We booked a venue and got our party gear out of the back of the wardrobe.

We have lots to celebrate, from overcoming the devastating effects of Covid-19, moving to our new HQs, to expanding our teams.

3D Group and its sister companies wanted the opportunity to thank its long-standing employees for their hard work over the recent years and to welcome our newer staff.


Kristina, our shop coordinator, picked out the perfect location to celebrate in style.

The Lakeside in Bestwood was the ideal location the throw a big party, with enough space to share this special occasion with the whole 3D Group extended family.

A little about the Lakeside!

Dating back to 1873, Lakeside was originally Bestwood Pumping Station, one of three steam-powered pumping stations purpose-built to supply clean water to Nottingham in the late Victorian Era.

This now Grade II listed building was designed by the Arnold-born engineer Thomas Hawksley, currently regarded as his most accomplished piece of architecture.

We can quite honestly say this building has been given a new lease of life, showcasing the stunning Victorian architectural style and celebrating its industrial heritage. It was the perfect place to throw our big party!


The guest list seemed to be never-ending! Inviting the teams from across 3D Group, 3D Autokeys, OSCA, Joblot trophies and 3D shoe repairs!

Photo of the OSCA team

We even had a visit from our friends from the Netherlands! Flying all the way to celebrate our achievements and milestones from the past couple of years.

It was great to meet everyone's special someone! Sometimes, it feels like we know so much about our colleague's families. So, it was lovely to get to meet friends and family alike.

We've had quite a few new faces over the past couple of months, so needless to say, this was a great way to say hi and welcome them to the wild side of 3D Group.

Ever wonder who is behind the website and our social media, Meet our creative team!

Creative team at 3D Group


It wouldn't be a 3D Group without at least one heartfelt speech! However, this party saw a little more than usual, with special mentions going out to two team members.


We're waving goodbye to Christine!

Christine has been with 3D Group for over a decade! Undertaking many roles, training new staff, and is the longest-standing member to see three location moves.

We truly appreciate all of Christine's hard work and are sad to see her go! Everyone can agree; we will miss her witty comments.

Thank you, Christine. Enjoy your retirement. We heard you have been counting down.

Christine getting flowers


Cory has been with us for 10 years, initially employed as an administrator. He then took on the role of team leader for the wholesale office, and for the past 3 years, he has been offering technical support to our customers!

He has been an asset to 3D Group, and we appreciate his hard work, especially when we moved to the new HQ!

More recently, he has a big part in training new staff and making them feel part of the family. Of course, the sales and support team wouldn't be the same without you!

Ps, we love seeing your desk full of snacks. Who doesn't love crispy M&Ms with a can of monster pipeline punch?

Cory receiving a trophy


Let's say the coffee station was bustling first thing!

It was great to see everyone refreshed and bright after a good Sunday rest and ready to take on the week. We're currently circulating embarrassing photos around the office, so keep a lookout on social media!


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