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What does the Xhorse Condor II offer an Auto Locksmith?

What does the Xhorse Condor II offer and auto locksmith?

The Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus II 2021 is the second generation of the Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus 2018 automatic key-cutting machine. The new version is driven by AI technology and an astonishing 8-core processor; these two new features have amped up the performance significantly!  

The Xhorse Condor II can quickly and accurately identify almost all car keys, motorcycle keys, plastic keys, and aluminium keys due to its collaborative relationship with the Xhorse key reader.  

Xhorse Condor II produces super high precision results, even after cutting 150,000 keys.  


Let's break down the features!  

Condor II Features

Smart 2-in-1 M5 Clamp and Multi-purpose Clamps 

The Condor II comes equipped with M5 and M3 clamps; the M1, M2, and M4 clamps are optional. The M5 multifunctional clamp supports various key types, including side, track, tibbe, F021, Citron SX9 keys, residential keys, and much more.  

The comprehensive M5 clamp is a 2-in-1 clamp, covering the uses of the M1 & M2, supporting two-track external, channel track, standard single-sided, four-track external, four-track internal, standard double-sided, and dimple key types. This is a great time-saver, meaning you don't have to switch out your clamps repeatedly.  

8-core Processor 

With an 8-core processor, the Xhorse Condor II is much faster than its predecessor, giving you a quicker high-resolution process.  

Intelligent Colour Synchronisation 

Similar to the Dolphin II, this intelligent machine is equipped with automated indicator lights, seamlessly updating you with the stage of the key-cutting process.  

  • Red light – error warning  

  • Blue light – normal working  

  • Yellow light – info notification 

Android Compatible  

Powered by an Android System, so you can still use your Xhorse app! 

2-in-1 Tool 

Decode with 2-in-1 or other pro tools. For example, enter the bitting code and click "start cutting" on the screen. 

All Key Lost Database 

The built-in comprehensive database cover over 100 car brands, 2000 car models, and 20000 keys, including all key lost data. Additionally, this machine comes with a lifelong upgrade service for free. 

7" Touch Screen 

The Condor II comes complete with a 7" angle-adjustable touch screen, helping you minimise your need for a mobile device, and with a resolution of 1280*720 pixels, you are sure to get a picture-perfect display.  

Support Numerous Types of Keys 

Automobile, motorbike, household and other general keys. 

Offline Operation  

Don't always have a connection to the internet? The Xhorse Condor II can help; once you have downloaded the extensive database, you have the ability to work offline! Great if you are a mobile auto locksmith and often work in rural areas where your internet connection may be poor.  

Key Blank Engraving 

Want to offer your customers a personal touch?  

With the Condor II, you can add a unique design to your key blanks; using Bluetooth and wifi capabilities, and you can share the desired design via your connected devices. In addition, the Condor II screen allows you to edit text and pictures, resize them and make your customer keys unique to them.  

Optical Key Bitting Recognition 

Quickly and accurately identify almost all car keys, motorcycle keys, plastic keys and aluminium keys while connected to the Xhorse key reader. 

Key 3D Preview 

Preview the 3D shape of the target cutting key before starting key cutting work, which can significantly avoid wasting the key blank. 

Super High Precision Processing Results 

The finished keys passed the precision test of the advanced Optical Instrument. 

Customise Key Bitting Data 

Have the ability to add customised key parameters, which support the latest key types and those not covered by the built-in database. 

Robust Design  

An all-aluminium body structure; manufactured by a German-made DMG CNC machine, which guarantees high precision cutting results. The finished keys passed the stringent test of the optical instrument. 

Lifelong free online technical support 

Xhorse offers a three-year warranty for the Condor II. In addition, you can easily find technical videos and articles on Xhorse APP, which will significantly help you with your work.  


Condor II Spec

A Complete Experience 

What can you expect from this Xhorse machine?  

Efficiently complete job with the built-in screen, with clear step-by-step guides; with this great tool, you can utilise its powerful built-in database, accurate key data, detailed parameters and clear key graphics.  

In addition, if you receive a worn key and feel the key-bitting data might be slightly off, you can edit the key data directly on the screen to ensure you are cutting to accurate data.  

We are really impressed with the features that have been built into this machine, from its protective shield to the ability to have macro control over the key bitting cutting. We can honestly say we can't wait to have our demo machine arrive and really put it through its paces! You can rest assured that as soon as our quality control team have been let loose on this tool, you'll get the full breakdown.  

Looking to refresh your key cutting machine, order this all-in-one machine brought to you by Xhorse.  



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