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Prodecoder and Turbo Decoder



We are giving a fantastic 20% off discount on our range of Turbo Decoders and Prodecoder Minis but only while stocks last. The Prodecoder Mini is a revolution in lock picking tools that allows locks to be picked much faster than most traditional tools and with a truly innovate and ergonomic design. Turbo Decoders are some of the fastest, most efficient and easy to use auto-entry tools on the market today, perfect for even inexperienced locksmiths.

Move fast and get these amazing tools as they are only on offer while stocks last!




Introducing the Prodecoder Mini range of auto entry tools. These innovative tools take a new approach to the art of lock picking with their robust construction and comfortable, ergonomic design.  

The Prodecoder range is strikingly different compared to many other lock picks currently on the market. The curved tension bar is comfortable to use, even for sustained periods of time. Instead of small, delicate guide arms, these picks have a robust arm placed at the back of the pick, giving the user a greater confidence in the strength of the tool.

One of the other great advantages of the tool is that the lead channels clearly indicate the position of the wafers, allowing for accurate picking and decoding. Due to the distinctive design of the pick arm, the wafers can be decoded in the same direction that the lock has been picked.




The original Lucky Locks Turbo Decoders some of the fastest, most efficient and easy to use auto-entry tools on the market today.  These incredible tools allow picking and decoding in a matter of minutes with little practice, so are perfect for even inexperienced locksmiths. The tools are Original Lucky Locks, so you know they are built to the best quality and have been tested. These tools have also been updated and modified from previous versions to improve the quality and service life even further, giving you extra peace of mind.


We also offer a free training session so you can learn exactly how to use and take care of your new tool. Speak to our friendly sales staff to book onto to a course.









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