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Keyline Messenger Portable Key Machine with Bosch 36V Battery and Charger


Messenger is Keyline’s on-the-go key cutting machine for laser, edge and dimple keys. It’s a compact and light machine

Messenger is controlled by an App, which can cut by code, decode and copy keys. Thanks to its characteristics, and because it's also battery powered by a Bosch 36V 2hmp battery (battery and charger included), it can be used in a wide variety of work situations

With Messenger you can provide commercial, residential*, or automotive key cutting service anywhere, at any time, and with the utmost flexibility! It’s very simple to use. In fact, the user can control all the machine functions through the KDT APP, using an Android smartphone or tablet. The app has many new features, a new interface and the Keyline’s extensive database of car and door keys. The machine has been designed for everyone out there who needs to duplicate keys on-the go. Both the hardware components and the software that runs the machine are developed by the R&D Team of Keyline


Messenger is provided with 2 new clamps. • The Q clamp, for laser and dimple keys; is an innovation in the cutting of keys. With one unique clamp you can cut the main range of door keys. The N clamp is for edge cut automotive keys, cuts symmetrically on both sides without the need to turn the key


Keyline Duplicating Tool is the Keyline APP to manage and cut keys with the Messenger duplicating machine. It’s the solution for the duplication of laser, edge and dimple keys. Thanks to a simple and functional interface, the app makes it possible to manage this new electronic key cutting machine dedicated to users who need to copy door and car keys on-the-go. The App makes it possible to use the machine, via smartphone or tablet. The App has a highly customer-oriented interface, very simple to use. Thanks, also, to its intuitive and quick procedures, using the machine via smartphone is easier and faster. The App can be used through an Android smartphone or tablet, from version 7 and up

Technical Features

Power Supply: 110-230 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 A or with optional external battery 36V - 72Wh
Key Reading / Decoding System: Electric contact
Lighting{ LED - lighted cutting bay
Movements/Axes: 3 axes, guided by stepper motors with T-shaped screw and anti-backlash nut
Clamps: Q clamp for laser and dimple keys / N clamp for edge cut automotive keys
Motor: Brushless
Cutter: V037 Widia ø 2.0 mm for laser and edge cut automotive key; V001 Widia 90° for dimple keys
Cutter Speed: 10000 rpm (7500 rpm with the battery power supply); variable speed for specific materials
Absorption: 120W (6W in stand-by) Dimensions Width: 200 mm (7.8”) / Depth: 395 mm (15.5”) / Height: 310 mm (12.2”) Weight: Machine body 10 Kg (22 lbs)
Operation Control: Operates using KDT app
Connections: Bluetooth Dedicated app Keyline APP KDT for Android device from version 7 and up with Data connection


Cross Reference:
3D Group: MSKL5

* Please note, for paracentric domestic key blanks, the additional C47 jaw and T12 tracer are required, priced at £260.00+VAT and £65.00+VAT respectively. Please note that both of these items are special order only parts, meaning that they will need to be ordered by us direclty from Keyline

Product Info

  • Manufacturer KeyLine

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