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Posted 16th September 2020 Read time: 3 mins Tutorials
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Here’s a quick and exciting guide on key programming for BMW 6 series cars with the Autel IM680 Pro for those of you who want to avoid costly mistakes when programming BMWs. So the first thing you’ll need to know is what type of Autel equipment you’ll need to carry out the job.


For the BMW, the IM608 gives you the option to back up key data through the following path: Key Operation > Key Data Operation > Backup Key Data. We highly recommended you do this in case the IM608 corrupts the data during the following process.



Remember, don’t plug your IM608 directly into the OBD port.

IM608 infographic

This may seem obvious to people who have used the IM608 before, but it might be good to note the diagram above for those who don’t want to fry more than half a thousand pounds worth of kit.


  1. Firstly connect your J2534 to the OBD port using the as shown in the diagram above. Then connect your IM608pro to the XP400 key programmer.
  2. Firstly, select ‘IMMO’ on your IM608Pro, click accept on the disclaimer pop up and select BMW from the list of manufacturers.
key coding process

3. Once you have selected BMW, then navigate to ‘Smart Selection on the next menu. Your IM608 will then scan the vehicle’s Immobiliser system. If any faults appear, simply click ‘OK’.

smart selection
smart selction 2
smart selction 3

4. Then, in the following menu, select ‘Key learning’ from the next menu. The tool will then read the data from BMW’s CAS system. Once completed, press ‘OK’ and then select ‘OBD Learning’.

key learning
OBD learning

5. A menu will appear with a list of all the keys for that vehicle and any free slots available. To start the OBD learning procedure, press the ‘OBD Read SK’ button on the right of the bottom navigation.

OBD read SK

6. Next, instructions on how to carry out the procedure will appear. Read them carefully, then select ‘OK’.

process selection

7. Next, a disclaimer will appear explaining the potential risk of losing key data, which is why we performed a key data backup earlier in this guide. To continue, click ‘OK’.


8. Your Autel IM608 will now read the current ECU; once this is completed, the tool will ask you if you have a working key. Press ‘Yes’ to continue.


9. It will prompt you to place your blank remote as close to the ignition coil as possible once the key is in position; click ‘OK’ it will then read the password. If successful, the screen will read: “Read Password successful.” and give you the DME-CAS password, EWS5 password and the ISN code.

Read password successful

10. Press ‘OK’ to continue, which will take you back to the menu with the list of keys; now select a free key slot and press ‘Write key’. The IM608 will then establish a connection with the vehicle. Once complete, you will be prompted to “Please put NEW key close to start coil.” and the ‘Key Frequency’.

press new key

working key selection

11. Place the blank key against the ignition coil once again and press ‘OK’ the tool will then display the message “Key learning has two steps, please wait.. The first step of authenticating key information is in progress…” it will then change the message as it progresses. After this, you will hear the vehicle ignition switch off and on again.

loading screen

12. If successful, the IM608Pro will display the message “Write Key successful!” and instruct you to place the key close to the induction coil and press and hold the ignition for ten seconds to allow the vehicle to learn the key, after which the key will work normally.

write key successful

13. Once you have done this, click ‘OK’ on your IM608 and test the key works by turning on the ignition and starting the engine.

Congratulations, you now have a new working BMW 6 Series key!


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